Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monthly donations, placement visits and pizzas...

It has been a busy week here in Nepal.

Chrissy and Phil have been showing me around all of the placements. I really enjoyed visiting SOS Bahini; I had not seen the new village that they have built for the girls to live in, as well as to provide important educational workshops and healthcare for the vulnerable women and children in the community. The facilities that they have built up there are fantastic and the support they are providing the girls, as well as the families in the mountainous communities who often don’t receive any help, is invaluable. It was lovely to see some of the girls returning home from school with their results and to find out that they are now top of the class; it is clear to see the benefit of a safe environment, love and care.

Our current volunteers have been working very hard at their placements, however they took some time off at the weekend to go and see what Nepal has to offer. Sian and Olivia went White Water Rafting and came back with some great stories. Their rafting experience involved themselves and 4 Nepali monks on the raft with their guide! 

Elizabeth, who we sadly have to say goodbye to at the end of this week, visited Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha and had a wonderful time. She will be hugely missed by everyone here, and we are very sad to see her go particularly the children from Street Kids who have loved having her around. Her, and our other volunteers, decided to take the Street Kids out for Pizza on Tuesday night; they had brilliant time. The record for most slices eaten went to Purnay who managed 10! The Street Kids rarely get to eat out and so it is such a treat for them. They were very happy and it was such a lovely gesture by our volunteers.

Two new volunteers arrived this week; Debbie and Sylvia. We spent the weekend with them visiting Shree Krishna School where they are now volunteering and then into Mahendropol to buy them Kurtas, the traditional Nepali dress. It was a lovely day, and they chose some beautiful material, we cannot wait to see the finished outfit!
On Tuesday, myself, Chrissy and Phil went to hand out the monthly donations to the projects we support here. We had a lovely day, and it was great for me to meet everyone and see all of our placements here.

We are currently bracing ourselves; next week we have a school expedition coming out to Nepal as well as five new volunteers. It is about to get very busy…

If you would like to join us here at PoD Nepal, then please email Gemma ongemma@podvolunteer.org.

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