Friday, July 18, 2014

July - Quick Update!

We are now right in the heart of the monsoon in Nepal, which means it is raining pretty much every day for at least an hour, but it also means the entire country is lush and green and in my opinion absolutely stunning and we are getting some impressive thunder and lightening storms!

Yesterday was a festival worshiping one of the Hindu Gods, in which all the ladies get Henna done on their hands, wear green bangles and fast in hope of a good husband! All the volunteers had their hands henna'd (is that a word?!) at SOS Bahini and from Ashmita at the Street Kids Center to join in on this festival.

All our volunteers are currently busy at their placements, two of our newest volunteers, have now settled in nicely at Ward 6. Although they are finding it totally different from any day care center they have been to in England. I warned them that hygiene was one of the biggest issues at the center and one of the things we are working on constantly to try and improve. For example, one of the volunteers witnessed a helper wiping down a child who had wet himself, and they then went on to use the same towel to clean the faces of the children after they had finished their lunch. In the past we have donated new towels to each of the children to try and prevent things like this happening. This is an example of why it is so important for volunteers to set good examples at the projects we work with to try and improve conditions there for the children that attend. 

I have been spending this week out and about exploring outside of Pokhara to find a suitable village to host an expedition group that will be arriving with PoD shortly. I have to say, I've been having a lovely time, driving around the country side, meetings tonnes of locals in their villages. After three days, we found Kalabam (great name hey!), met with the majority of the villagers there and went to the local government school there. It looks to the ideal place for our group to experience a homestay and it's great that we can support a small, rural, local community. Now I have everything organised I'm so excited to get the group here so show them around!

We've got more and more volunteers arriving every week now which is great to be busy and support more of our incredible placements.

As many of you know (or may not know!) I am actually leaving PoD at the end of August, so Sarah, who was a volunteer with PoD last year will be coming to take over my role. She gets here on Wednesday so we will be showing her the ropes over the next few weeks and she has a very busy first month ahead of her!

If you would like to join us here at PoD Nepal, then please email Gemma on

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