Monday, January 28, 2013

New clothes for the Street Kids

The Street Children's Rehabilitation Center is one of our favourite placements in Nepal. It is home to 10 children who for a variety of reasons have found themselves without a home and the Center provides them with a warm place to sleep, food and education. 
 In the winter months in Nepal it can get very cold, not just because the temperatures drop below 0 at night, but also because there is no central heating, no hot water and very bad insulation (if any!) in houses.

We noticed that every day we went to the Kids house they were wearing the same clothes every day, so decided to buy each child a new set. Trousers, Jumper, Hat and socks!
Myself and two volunteers spend the morning shopping in Mahendra Pul to find clothes that were suitable for keeping them as warm as possible but also practical. We then went straight back to the center to give them their new clothes and their excitement was amazing! They all quickly changed into their new gear and started parading around. When we went back the next day it was great to see that the kids we wearing their new clothes, although Purnay had gone back to his old hat which is what he arrived in and even sleeps in so we weren't too upset about that.

Thanks to our amazing PoD Volunteers for helping out.

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