Monday, January 7, 2013

Nepali Lessons

From January 2013, when you sign up with PoD in Nepal, we will now be giving you a complimentary two hour Nepali language course when you first arrive in Nepal.

In this lesson you will learn basic Nepali language skills that will help you at your placement. You'd be surprised how just a few simple phrases can go a long way. Local Nepali's love it when people take the time to learn their language and it can really help immerse you into their culture. Greetings, classroom commands and getting to know you phrases are some of the language you will learn.

If there is anything in particular you think would be useful to know how to say then please make a note of it and let us know at the lessons!

Here's a few snippets of Nepali language to get you started -
Nepali  English
Namaste  Hello, 
Namaskar The more respectful version of Namaste
Hajur Yes? Pardon, Excuse me?
(Tapaiilai) Kasto Cha? How are you?
(Malai) Thik Cha I am fine
Khana khannu bhaiyo? Have you eaten? (used often as informal greeting)
Dhanybhad Thank you
Tapaiiko naam ke ho? What is you name?
Mero naam Sally ho My name is Sally
Maaph garnuhos Excuse me/ pardon me/ sorry
Maile bhujhina I don’t understand
Maile bhujhe I understand
Pheri bhetaunla See you again

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