Saturday, September 13, 2014


First of all I need to begin this blog post with a HUGE thank you; the work that we are able to do here and the positive impact PoD is able to have is down to the hard work and generosity of our volunteers. As some of you know, when volunteers leave to go home, they often leave any clothes they don’t want anymore. Along with this, the HerefordExpedition Group (HEG) who were here in August were overwhelmingly generous in leaving behind clothes, shoes and medical supplies; this week I have been able to hand out these donations to some of our placements.

Firstly, some clothes and trainers were donated to Street Kids. The boys received some t-shirts and shorts, which they were very happy about. Asmita particularly was very excited about some of the things she received; she got a dress, some trainers, a dressing gown and this cap! It means so much to these children to receive these donations, as they very rarely get anything for themselves. The boys were also very excited to see earmuffs – something they had never seen before!

HEG had also left some basic medical supplies; we were able to split these to donate to benefit more of our placements. Half was donated to Street Kids; they received plasters, antiseptic wash, bandages and other useful everyday items. Ama was very grateful for these donations – when you are caring for 10 small boys cuts and scrapes are a regular occurrence! Here we have Hilary showing the children how to use a thermometer.

I was also able to donate some medical supplies to SOS Bahini. Gita and Raymond were so thankful for these donations and they will be shared out between the families that the girls live in so they have access to basic first aid when needed.

Some clothes were also donated to AshaFoundation. They were really excited about the clothes and spent time trying them on and choosing the ones each of them wanted!

These donations are more than just clothes to these children; they show that people are thinking of them and that there are kind people in the world. Thank you to everyone who made these donations possible!

If you would like to join the team here in Nepal please email Gemma

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