Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Asha Foundation Update.

Well it is getting HOT in Nepal! We are averaging 30 degrees now most days and thunder storms and lightening almost every afternoon (which by the way I love!!)

Me with Ashim, the youngest of the children
Me and Phil have just completed giving out our quarterly 3 month donations by visiting the Asha Foundation yesterday and donating money towards meat so that they can enjoy chicken or buffalo twice a week. I love Asha Foundation, I know I probably shouldn't have favourites, but this is one of them. I have enjoyed seeing how they have developed in the past two years since I have been visiting them. They are now almost totally self sufficient. What with the farm land that PoD Charity rent for them (and I've just got news we have the funding to continue this for another year!!! :-) ), and their livestock (cows, buffalo, chicken and one gorgeous dog), they have to do very little shopping. They get fresh curd every day and a whole variety of veggies from the land. In fact when I left yesterday they insisted me and Phil take some corn and pumpkins with us!

It's been a few weeks since I last visited Asha and since then they have started a new project. The local government development office has started building them a huge water tank to collect water from the natural spring behind the center. They will collect so much that they will in fact be able to sell the vast majority of the water to the local village supplying them with a much needed income. I love small micro projects like this as they make a massive difference to the local communities.
We volunteer at Asha Foundation as a group every Friday where we run fun activities for the younger children. The placement is about 30 minutes away from Lakeside in a beautiful quiet valley just the other side of Sarankot. It's one of the highlights of our volunteers weeks.

If you would like to join us in Nepal, to volunteer and see the work that we are doing, please email Gemma on

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