Friday, June 20, 2014

A quiet week in Pokhara...

It's that time of year again - It's starting to rain again! But this is actually a blessing. We've been averaging around 30 degrees recently so it's actually lovely when the rains come in and cool every thing down. It's also great for the farmers and so many great fruits (lychees, mangos, watermelon etc) are at the markets now.

We've been having new volunteers arriving every week now, and it was great to welcome Georgie back who volunteered with us last summer. She said it felt like coming home when she arrived back to Pokhara which is lovely to hear. She is already stuck in working at Annapurna Primary School, the Street Kids and Asha Foundation.

It has been a fairly quiet few weeks actually, which is sometimes nice considering how busy we usually are! The schools have been ticking over nicely, the street kids are doing great, and the Asha kids are spending most of their free time tending to the farmland (thanks PoD Charity for paying for another years rent!).

Juan, a longterm volunteer left last week, but not without shaving the kids hair one last time! They seem to like it at this time of year as it keeps them much cooler. Although Khadke did tell me when Juan walked in with his shaver 'not me this time, I not like bald!' 

We've got lots of plans for the next few weeks though as holidays start soon so most of the kids will be off for a month. Lots of activities, swimming, football, picnics and treasure hunts soon!

If you would like to join the team in Nepal, then please email Gemma on

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