Monday, November 4, 2013

Scary faces, dressing up dogs, festival of lights and Bahini cookies!

As per usual it's been an eventful few weeks. It's still the holidays here, well at least for the Government schools. Most private schools went back for at least a week during Dashain and Tihar festivals, but for our schools, they are still on break. So that means we've been spending most of our time with the Street Kids and Asha Foundation.

The other day we celebrated Halloween with the StreetChildren's Center, although it is not celebrated here we though it would be a great opportunity to get the kids dressed up, plays some games and have some fun. You can see from these photos how much they got into it all! We then spent the evening with some friends having our own Halloween party!

The Bahini Cafe has finally re-opened and we are SO happy about it. They shut in August for the off season and then due to problems with the rent and staffing (the manage had a baby!!) they had not been able to re-open until now. Since the opening we've been in there most lunches snacking on their club sandwiches and cookies. It's a great little cafe, and it's so nice to be able to give something back to SOSBahini. They use the cafe as a source of income, but also a place to provide training to the girls so they can they go on to get jobs in other restaurants or hotels in Lakeside which provides a good future for them ;-)

We are currently in the midst of Tihar festival (Dipawali). So far we've worshiped Dogs, Laxmi & Cows and tomorrow is Bhai Tikka, the main day where we worship our brothers. On Kukur Tikka (Dog day!) we gave Buttons a lovely flower garland and a tikka on her head for a blessing, she then got fed plenty of meat from many families in lakeside. On Laxmi Tikka the whole town was beautifully decorated with twinkly lights to welcome the Goddess Laxmi into their houses in the hope for a prosperous year ahead. Bands also set up all over the place with dancers showing us their best routines...there's a real party/holiday feel about town at the moment. Tomorrow for Bhai Tikka we are hoping to go to the Street Kids Center so we can give all our little brothers a blessing.

In sadder news, it looks like Dinesh has left us for good. I wrote a few weeks ago about how Dinesh had come to the center and was finding it tough to settle in, well after many attempts to run away and people bringing him back every body has decided it is now up to him. We gave him all the support we could, talked to him about his future, gave him one on one care, etc but during the tourist season when people are handing out money and sweets all the time, there was just too much temptation for Dinesh to run away again. We hope when the season ends (and it gets colder) he will come back. He knows he is welcome anytime, but it is still sad when we fail to keep them with us.

That's it for now, the schools are finally open again on Monday so we'll all be back on placement then and we're looking forward to some new volunteers arriving in the next few weeks!

For those of you that have been enjoying it, don't worry, more updates from Elinor will be posted soon!

If you would like to join the team here in Nepal, then please email Gemma on

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