Friday, February 27, 2015

Quarterly Donations

It was a lovely weekend as Sarah and I got a chance to visit all our placements to hand over the quarterly donations and also to tell everyone that Sarah was back from the UK. It was great seeing everybody at the schools and orphanages as they are very welcoming, they never stop offering us tea when we visit them.
First up, we went to Asha Foundation, since we were a little early we sat out in the sun watching the bees fly away to get some nectar for the honey. They've now got two hives and looks like there are hundreds of bees in there. We then handed over the money and had a chat how things were going on with everyone; at Asha, the PoD Charity provides money for meat for the children twice a week. The chairman discussed how this is benefitting the children and improving their diet hugely. We then headed off to Prabhat School.
Prabhat School is blessed with the greatest view of the lake, you get to see the paragliders landing beside the lake, people boating, it is literally breathtaking. Though it is a bit of a walk, all your hard work pays off once you see the lake from top of the hill. We went in to the staff room to see the Principal, who is just amazing and offered us tea. The school seemed very busy with trainee teachers running their short sessions in different classrooms. Despite all the rush, the principle took out time for us and we gave out the donation. At Prabhat, the PoD Charity provides hot lunches for all the children.
After Prabhat, we went to the Street Kids and Aama was absolutely delighted to see Sarah back again. We sat down and had quite a long chat with her. She always entertains us with lovely talks and she told us how all the kids were doing. With all the kids at school it was very quite going in there. At Street Kids, the PoD Charity pays the rent of the house they live in as well as giving donations towards food for the children.
When we were done with Street Kids, we went to Annapurna School, met all the three lovely ladies. Anita was out in the sun with her little ones who were just given out their lunch. Bina and Tika were still having their lessons and were fifteen minutes away from the lunch break. At Annapurna, the PoD Charity provides the children each a hot lunch so that they can have a main meal in the day.
Also, we have added Ward-6, the children’s rehabilitation centre, to the quarterly donations to supplement their food. The accountant came over to say thank you for us being considerate and helping the school out as it is completely funded by the locals. The principal was also thrilled to have the donation for the food, as she understood the need of it and how beneficial it would be for all the kids that are with them. 

It was pretty long day for both us but all the smiles and warm welcome paid off. 

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