Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kites, festivals and celebrations...

The Dashain holidays have officially begun here! Everyone is in great spirits especially the children from Street Kids and Asha Foundation whom we have been spending plenty of time with.

Firstly this week we had to say goodbye to Ged, he has been an wonderful volunteer and contributed much over his time here. We spent his last day at Street Kids playing with sports and board games with the children. As you can see the children were very sad to say goodbye to him!

Over the weekend, our new volunteer Roshni arrived. We were lucky that when we went out for dinner on Saturday night, we stumbled across a big street party! It turns out that Saturday was World Tourism Day. We were treated to traditional dancing in the streets, local music, speeches and the Nepali national anthem. It was a brilliant welcome for Roshni and a really nice experience for the volunteers as well as myself!

This week the volunteers have been busy at the placements. On Monday the volunteers used their AMAZING arts and crafts skills and made kites. Kites are a big part of Dashain and so the children loved the opportunity to make their own. 

The winners of the best kite was… Bidan and Ramesh! They were so proud of themselves and it was lovely to see them all working so well together.

At Asha Foundation as well we have been having lots of fun. The children made Dashain posters! On behalf of all here in Nepal, HAPPY DASHAIN!

As the holidays continue, we are all having fun planning more exciting activities to do with the children!

If you would like to join the team here in Nepal please email Gemma on

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