Monday, August 18, 2014

An August update...

Just a quick update from what has been happening here in Pokhara…

Yesterday morning we said goodbye to HEG (Hereford Expedition Group), which was very sad to see them go. They are off to go White Water Rafting, Chitwan National Park and to explore Kathmandu. Everyone from PoD Nepal will miss them and wishes them a happy and safe rest of travels.

The monsoon has hit us hard this week! After two weeks of blazing sunshine, the first day of rain was very welcome. Everything cooled down and we had a nice break from the heat. Three days later the rain was not so enjoyable! The rain has stopped now and fingers crossed it stays this way for the rest of HEG’s adventures.

Otherwise, as ever, the volunteers have been working hard! They have been teaching all sorts of lessons from English, to Maths, to Science, to Sports as well as running creative sessions. They have also been working hard at our childcare placements entertaining the children and having lots of fun with them. The input they have and the skills and knowledge they are able to transfer to the placements and the staff that work at them is invaluable.  Sophia, our film and photography volunteer, has been hard at work documenting all the placements; the pictures she has taken are beautiful! I will post some on here as soon as possible.

Outside of the placements, they have been taking it easy and relaxing after their trek the previous weekend! They have been exploring Lakeside and enjoying the local sights on offer including paddle boarding on the lake! 

Some of our volunteers did decide to explore a little further afield however and visited Chitwan National Park over the weekend. They had a great time and were so excited about the foot safari they got to go on!  They came back with great stories of the canoe ride they took down the river and the beautiful sunsets and sunrises they saw.

We sadly had to say goodbye to two great volunteers this week, Debbie and Nicola. They both worked so hard and gave so much to their placements, we will miss them a lot! This is photo of a goodbye ceremony for Debbie.

We have a new volunteer, Martin, who has begun his placement at Ward 6 and the Street Kids. He had an eventful journey to get here from Tibet due to monsoon flooding in other parts of Nepal, but now he is here he was been relaxing and enjoying what life in Pokhara is all about; beautiful scenery, delicious food and a chance to make a difference. 

Yesterday, Martin had his Nepali language lesson. We are very lucky out here in Pokhara to have such a wonderful Nepali teacher, Prem. He makes learning fun and easy and all the volunteers love his charismatic teaching style. Thank you Prem!

If you would like to join the team here in Nepal please email Gemma on

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