Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Holi!!!

Holi is a Hindu religious festival held in Spring, and it's one of my personal favourites! It is known as Phagwah or the Festival of Colours and if you have a look at our photos you can see exactly why. 

Every year, for one day the whole country turns into one big party. You simply have to leave your front door and you will be greeted with people dancing, throwing waters bombs and rubbing colour on your face. It celebrates the new season and commemorates good harvest and fertile land. The significance of the colour is to say goodbye to the bleak winter and hello to colourful summer.

It is a great day where everyone comes together, no matter what age, gender, caste, wealth and play together. 

Yesterday myself and the volunteers braved the town, within 3 minutes we were covered head to toe in colour! We then made our way up to the Street children's center to play with them. Little did we know they were waiting for us and on arrival dumped buckets of water all over us! For the next few hours we chased each other around throwing colour and water bombs and having a great time! 

Wandering back through the town had a real holiday feeling, there was music blaring from every bar, partied on the street and colour filling the air! 

Great fun had by all!!

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