Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Speaches

It has become something of a tradition in the last few weeks for Roland, one of our current volunteers here with PoD in Nepal, to give a welcome and goodbye speach to other volunteers.

So far, we have had some great ones for Gemma, Natalie and Nikki (I will be posting those as soon as Roland fixes his laptop), but here is a response that Nikki wrote for Roland. It gave me a good laugh so I thought you would all enjoy reading it as well!!

Just before Roland gave another incredible speach!

Rolypoly you're one of a kind,
A fellow volunteer with an interesting mind,
We first met around two weeks ago,
And since then we have shared fried fruit momo,
Im lucky to have had the best tour guide,
Even if your timekeeping I had to abide,
You're the one to beat when it comes to solving a riddle,
And you're willing to listen about ward 6's piddle,
You never fail to have a story to tell,
Especially the night we got to know you so well!
Ask Roland one thing, he'll tell you four,
A lot of the time we think he's a bore, (not really we adore),
I hope you manage to chirps under the stars,
Instead of accidentally throwing glasses in bars,
With the best pizza knowledge in the whole of lakeside,
Stick with Roland you'll be sure to decide,
I enjoyed your excellent salsa class,
And I hope my German was good enough to pass,
You wearing my kurta was very brave,
As was scrambling through the dark bat caves,
To have 4 wives you're a lucky man,
It must be that fetching sandal tan,
With your outlandish style of dance,
You'll be soon sure to find POD romance,
You introduced me to cold lemon soda,
Im chuffed that we beat you to the world peace pagoda,
I'd like to think that this poem is best,
But if I was there I'm sure you'd protest,
I hope you always remember your time in nepal,
Except those not so 'Sweet Memories' that I recall,
I hope that one day you are wrong,
But most of all I loved the Nikki special song,
You give the best goodbye speeches that I know,
Oh how im gonna miss you Ro,
Aufwiedersen,Subahatri, Tschuss and Goodbye,
Im glad to be leaving on a high!

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